The majority of the game takes place within the borders of this Earldom. Thus the majority of storied places and people within the gameworld are found within this part of the Kingdom.

Earl Blackwolfe rules the Southeasternmost Earldom of Ormgard. Though reasonably prosperous and well developed, the Earldom of Blackwolfe is certainly the most dangerous region of the Kingdom.

The gigantic Dark Forest looms right along the Earldoms Eastern border, with the notoriously evil ruined city of N'cruth nestled right at its edge. To the southeast lies a passageway to the savage Troll Lands. Within the centre of the Earldom lies the Great Swamp, a marshy labyrinth of bog wich covers a great swathe of land.

The Earldom has three towns, with Keinplatz as the Earldoms capital. Unzgart, a prosperous market town that has grown considerably in recent years. And Arnstadt often known as the nations center of learning.

There are many villages of varying sizes dotted all around the Earldom, ranging from small hamlets to well established settlements.







Iron Mine

Witch Haven

Val Mordrum

Within the Earldoms Border lies Mount Ignis one of the Dwarven Mountains, ruled over by King Saxon Orre, known to most as The Phoenix King.

To the South lies the Wood Elf Forest, whilst a fully independant nation in its own right. The close relationship with Ormgard coupled with its usually open borders make it hard to describe Blackwolfes Earldom without mentioning it.

To the western edge of the Earldom lies The Spirits Wood a fickle place which has brought peace and peril to its visitors in equal measure over the years.

Other notable locations in the Earldom include the College of Magic near Arnstadt. The farmland to the Southeast known as the Svedenburg Plantation. The Kings Foresters Lodge which lies along the road West of Keinplatz.

Adventurous types may also be familiar with these famous and infamous landmarks:

The Old Watchtower

The Eyrie

Beggars Hill

The Barrows

The Veil of the Veiled Mother

The Gloming