Ormgards Northwestern Earldom, Ruled over by Earl Alihandro Sendria and his Wife Lady Denny Sendria.

This region is the wealthiest of the five Earldoms; enjoying the bounty of the Western Sea, fertile farmland, logging and several profitable mines.

A number of years ago this Earldom sparked off the second of two civil wars in quick succession (With the first being Drake Wyverns rallying of the Barbarian Clans against the Ormgard) with Earl Sendria at the time declaring his Earldom Independant from the realm and making himself it's King.

The Adventurers of Weaselton were able to bring the Earldom back into the fold when they sent a strike team to combat 'King' Sendria and his mysterious allies; The White Wizards of the Nordlands. Upon the rebelious Sendrias death, King Nathanial Gerrard bestowed the title of Earl upon the most loyal of his Knights and veteran adventurer; Alihandro Montoya.

Notable locales:

Port Feylis

The Silent Retreat