The setting is a feudal medieval society. The nobles hold the power, the peasants have no rights. Wealth rules all. The King rules from The Hearth, the centre of Ormgard. He has five Earls which are responsible for running the lands in his name. Each Earl controls one fifth of the Kingdom.

There are numerous Barons and Baroness, Viscounts, Lords, Ladies and Knights. Some are playable as characters, with the right background description.

The game takes place in the Earldom of Blackwolfe. There are three main cities, Unzgardt, Arnstadt and the capitol, Kleinplatz. Numerous villages scatter the land.

Things that do NOT exist in Ormgard


This is a feudal medieval society. You do not aggravate a noble without some backlash from such an action. The nobles hold the money and the power to get away with many misdeeds. They can make life hard for people who annoy them or get in their way. A noble can decide someone’s fate quite easily if they have been affronted by a lowly commoner. There is no such thing as voting or debating.


There are no horses, but beasts of burden do exist. The main mode of traversing the land is by walking. No fast rides between towns to get here and there.


All Gardians acknowledge that the Gods exist, though they do not have to worship them. They have been many times seen walking the land, doing their work, preaching to those who listen.


There are no gunpowder weapons of any kind. There is no method to develop gunpowder. So there are no bombs, explosives and the like.

Printing Presses

There is no method to spread information on mass. Word of mouth is the main way. Rumours, conjecture. This develops the skill of Social Lore. What a person knows from interacting with the level of society they choose.


Allowed player races are, Gardian (Human), Dwarf, Elf, Barbarian (Human), Mageborn (Human), Beastmen and Ratkin. There are sub races of Elf, (Grey and Wood) determined by their nature and society.