A small village close to the Nothern border of Blackwolfe's Earldom; quite remote as it lies far from any major roads. The terrain around Goch is quite craggy and barren, and so along with a smattering of business from mining and prospecting; the villages primarily serves as a stop of point for travellers between Varda and Blackwolfes lands.. Such travellers who have not the time or inclination to take the main road far to the west. As such Goch can often be a stopping point for those who wish to avoid notice.

The small village is most well known as the location of the battle dubbed 'Orcs Rift', where the forces of the powerful and infamous Dark Mage Kane fought over Goch with both the Adventurers of Weaselton and their allies: Earl Blackwolfes forces and the War Boar Barbarian Clan.