Situated west of Arnstadt this walled town is the home of the Earl.  Out side of the town stands the impressive castle of the Earl and within the walls rests his small palace.  Even though Kleinplatz does not have its own University of magic it does hold some important sites.  Within the protective walls of the town there are temples to The Veiled Mother, Arin and Tarna.  Also within the walls stands the famous inn The Three Fountains (recently renamed the adventurers rest) once home of the adventurers.

 Large numbers of knights and soldiers man the city walls keeping it safe as well as sallying out to relieve any of the surrounding towns and villages when they are overrun by Orcs or Brigands.  The Earls protection also extends to the town of Arnstadt and he has acted many times to save the town since it was granted its charter.

 To the east of the town the Dark Forest begins proper.  Here outside the reach of the Earls patrols, the forces of Darkness amass ready to launch new attacks against the Kingdom.