Lying a short distance across the Western Sea from Ormgard is the Emerald Isle (Or Emerald Isles; there are a handful of smaller islands under the same rulership as the larger Emerald Isle) a nation who's customs lie quite central between Barbarian and Gardian ways.

Powerful family Clans form the 'Nobility' of the Isles, the heads of these Clans ruling over stretches of land and passing judgement on troublemakers therein.

Not long ago the Emerald Isle was ruled by Queen Bronwen O'Kelly, a staunch ally of Ormgard and known to be a proponent of progress and change (At least as far as Gardian progress goes), as well as a devout Light worshipper.

A few years ago a Clan leader, an Elf by the name of Llewelyn Macgregor united a number of Clans unhappy with the Queen's 'modern' views; and led them in a short but bloody civil war. Llewelyn Macgregor was the victor in this conflict, and has declared himself King of the isles as well as taking Queen O'Kelly as his wife (Quite unwillingly on her part)

Worship of the Great Wyrm, and it's Spirits has always been common in the Emerald Isle. (And moreso since the crowning of it's new King) Much more than the Barbarians of the Mainland, Spirit worshippers of the Isles have many tales and legends of the Spirits which dwell in their lands. To them these legendary Spirits are like Demi gods who have walked the lands enacting great deeds.

An example of such a tale would be that of Mornan, father of the Sea whom in mourning for the loss of his love Serenfach (Spirit of the North Star) hid himself away in the oceans depths for generations.