Far to the East of Ormgard lies the disputed territory known as 'The Redlands', named both for the dry reddish dirt of its canyons and rocky expanses, and also for the many bloody wars that have been fought over its rulership.

For some reason, the mysteries and inticracies of the various schools of magic have never truly caught hold in the Red Lands.. And regardless of the reasons for this drought of the Arcane, perhaps it's absence goes a ways to explain why all things martial hold so much sway over the lands.

Fertile regions are few and far between in the Red Lands, and are fiercely contested between the various warring forces of the land. Equally fierce rage the battles for the mountains and canyons of the region, which though arid and lifeless hide a treasure trove of rare metals just below the surface.

It is said that the strange creatures known as the 'Briar' were first active in the Red Lands; though it seems like a rather strange location to find such beings, as their ties to growth and plantlife are key to their being.