The Troll Lands is a large barren region to the Southeast of Ormgard. The exact area is not defined by any paticular border, though the pass between the Northeast corner of the Wood Elf Forest, and Southwest corner of the Dark Forest marks it's entrance point on Ormgards side.

The Troll Lands are just that: The Land of the Trolls, and whilst these Primitive and Dark monsters do not govern this land in any meaningful way... Their violent attacks on any who enter the Troll Lands, leave little dispute as to who really controls this region.

Over the years the Troll Lands have served as the base of operations for a number of foul Villains; such as Helion Malvado who established an Academy of Darkness in the region, and the creature known as Kragnak a being who sat as the Principality of Darkness Corruption magic.

There are rumours that deep within the Troll Lands there is a hidden Arena, known as 'The Iron Crucible'; where it is said that mighty combatants travel from all walks of life to fight for wealth and glory, under the watchful eye of an equally mysterious overseer.