The Adventurers established Weaselton some years ago after the Veiled Mother imparted visions of a powerful magical forge that could be found beneath the site, and that the adventurers would have a great need for this artifact in the days to come.

The then village was named for its first Mayor Golbi (His Surname known to but a few) who's nickname is 'The Weasel'; This choice of name was decided largely for the enthusiastic shouting of the Barbarian adventurers known as The War Boars.

The significance of the Forge was discovered soon after, when it was required for the Adventurers to reforge 'The Sword of the Pure', a powerful artifact that was needed to defeat 'The Heart of Darkness' Ormgards ancient foe, which had escaped its bonds and returned to take the Hearth.

The village of Weaselton was at first given autonomy from the Kingdom, acting with independance from the crown in the same way as the free town of Arnstadt. This autonomy proved to be more a hindrance than a help however, and over the years the Kings army was required to support the village despite the villages status of being outside their jurisdiction. Eventually at the Kings Summer court in Keinplatz; the infamous trial of Earl Sendria, Sir Golbi was named Viscount of Weaselton, bringing Weaselton under the rule of the Crown.

As Weaselton grew over the years eventually Earl Blackwolfe granted the village a Market charter, giving it various privilages of trade; and thusly making the village officially a Town. Since recieving it's charter trade in Weaselton has prospered, and the major trading houses have looked upon the place with renewed interest.

In its time, Weaselton has been the site of fierce battles and tense sieges. The home of valiant heroes, and the haunt of depraved villains. The tales of countless adventures have begun with brave feet stepping outside of Weaseltons gates. Those who live within it's walls are very aware of the double edged sword of the Adventurers protection. On one hand these mighty heroes who have thwarted Darkness on so many occasions, are the greatest protectors one could hope for. Though on the other, the nature of their profession seems to make them a target for the worst types of being; it is rare for a week to go by without monsters, cultists or other strange evils to sneak inside the town to rile up their enemies of the Adventurers.